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India and Beyond.
Ron Veto & Louis Kravitz

People, Places and Good Karma
by Ron Veto and Louis Kravitz
Ends - April 27, 2017

India and Beyond.
Ron Veto & Louis Kravitz

Louis Kravitz - 'My Images attempt to show our common humanity: the themes most people share as they move through their lives - the joys and fears of childhood, the love and pride of parents, the intensity of people working, playing, cooking, buying, selling and worshiping. And sometimes the courage they bring just to living'.

Ron Veto, soc.
For the past 35 years, My Nikons and I have traveled at ground level exploring the fascinating lands of India and Asia. Exotic worlds of faith and spirit that grounds a person and feeds the soul. For me, the perfect gift is to capture that karmic "eye to eye" connection. Sharing a powerful moment then parting forever, knowing everyone's lives have been changed, especially mine.Traveling off the beaten path means long horrible bus rides, limited cuisine and sometimes little sleep. But that’s where the fun begins and magical images are found. I don’t photograph misery and despair. That’s easy to find. I capture images of people and places that move me or make me smile. As photographers, we all try to capture a speck in time. Chasing rainbows is fun. After so many years in the making, I’m proud to display my unique images of our world, for your thought and enjoyment. This photo collection began in 1982 to current 2016. Aside from a couple of “Holga" or “Widelux” images, this collection has been photographed exclusively using prime 1982 Nikon lenses only.

Ron Veto, soc. is a published travel writer/photographer and freelance stock photographer based in Los Angeles, Ca.
He is a proud member of The International Cinematographers Guild #600 and also inducted intoThe Society of Camera Operators, SOC.
Ron is a vested Member of Local #80, Motion Picture Studio Grips and the creator, co-owner of The "Original" movement system. His recently published book; “Plastic Fantastic” does the City of Angels - "A Hollywood Fairy Tale” is available on Amazon books. For film credits check, Imdb/ronveto.

Louis Kravitz is a Los Angeles photographer. He enjoys meeting people and his ability to connect with them enhances his photography. Louis’ subjects are often people with whom he has made a personal connection. Louis uses his photography skills to help nonprofit organizations such as Justice in Aging and The Compton Initiative. He taught photography at the Children’s Goodwill Center in Sihanoukville, Cambodia and helped create a photography program at Variety Boys & Girls Club in Boyle Heights, CA.

Kravitz has published two photography books: “Lifting Spirits at Freedom Barbershop” and “Kolkata Morning.”

His work has received recognition as follows:
- Presenter at Open Show Los Angeles #35, 2016
- Los Angeles Center of Photography 2016 Members' Exhibition
- Solo Exhibit Café Carolina, Encino CA, 2016
- Interview Digital Production Buzz, 2015
- Los Angeles Center of Photography 2015 Creative Portrait Exhibit
- Solo Exhibit Coffee Fix Studio City, CA, 2015
- Solo Exhibit Samy’s Camera Los Angeles, 2014
- Leica Forum Blog “Made With Leica” #9, 2013
- LensWork Magazine #108, 2013

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Exhibition dates: Thursday 23, March 2017 to Thursday 27, April 2017

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