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Portrait of an Era, Retrospective
Barry Elz

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Portrait of an Era, Retrospective
Barry Elz

Portrait of an Era, Retrospective - is a unique body of work by photographer Barry Elz, that includes portraits, intimate moments and game photos of the Chicago Bulls team members from 1996 thru1998 that culminated with the Chicago Bulls winning their second three-peat in 1998, a feat that has not been surpassed to this day. The disbanding of the team after this historic win along with the retirement of Michael Jordan- widely accepted as the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball, make this a unique collection of photographs.

The 45 images in this artistic collection capture a unique moment in time for basketball and for fans who appreciate the accomplishments and the talent of a team that defined an era in basketball history.

Barry Elz established prominent commercial photography studios in Chicago, Boston and New York City - where he has photographed sports, lifestyle portraiture and fashion advertising for numerous national clientele such as Gatorade, Nike, Callaway Golf, Lands End, Filenes, Quaker, Motorola and McDonald's. His image work with supermodels including Cindy Crawford, Iman, Kathy Ireland and sports icons Michael Jordan, Calvin Johnson and Greg Norman culminated with the publishing of the book Chicago Bulls - “Portrait of an Era”, which made The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal “best seller list”. His images have also appeared in publications such as Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Town and Country, Rolling Stone, Elle, NY Times and many others.

Barry's carefully constructed compositions are created by applying his vast experience in studio set and location lighting, as well as an interpretive collaboration, in order to achieve the desired emotion and vision.

Carlos Rojas, producer - Based in Chicago since 1991, Carlos began his career as an assistant producer for a top post-production company, later becoming an independent producer in a film production company and a Barry Elz Photography Studio, producing jobs throughout the U.S. and abroad, as well as the Chicago Bulls “Portrait of an Era” project and book.

Carlos has produced jobs for the top advertising agencies and clients in Chicago and worked with prominent personalities including; Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, Billy Ray Cyrus and William Shatner, among others.

The Perfect Exposure Gallery is the recognized venue in Southern California to display the work of award winning and accomplished photojournalists as well as works of photographers that regard artistry and craftsmanship as a standard of excellence. The mission of the Perfect Exposure Gallery is to present exhibits free of charge to the general public with the following goals to exemplify the rich variety and impact of photography, freedom of expression, a forum for the aesthetic, the contemptible and the sublime.

Exhibition dates: Thursday 14, May 2015 to Friday 19, June 2015

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